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Anyone who colors her hair dreads that awkward in-between period when your color starts to grow out and you can't make it to the salon. I absolutely swear to you that this root concealer can give you at least two extra weeks.


This palette fixes it all: blemishes, eye circles, discolorations; it also works well as a highlighter and a primer. Plus, the applicator is way more effective than using your finger—not to mention more hygienic.


Two words: Portable fragrance. I'm not a huge advocate of perfume, but after a long day I always fear that my personal scent could use a boost. These light, fresh-smelling fragrances come in tiny bottles that I throw in every single one of my bags.

Bad Hair

If you feel like paring it down to just one hair product, this should be it. If you're hair is looking greasy, flat or frizzy, spray on generously and forget you were even having a bad hair day.

Bad Skin

Whenever I need to look good for something—like a date or a photo shoot—I wake up looking my absolute worst. But I've got the solution. Even out your skin tone, and get a nice glow instantly, with this mask.