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Rachel Zoe's First Birkin: A True Story

If a guy lures me outside on a path of rose petals padded by a shared Champagne stupor, I'm going to expect either an engagement ring or a very serious, strangely choreographed apology on the other end.

So it's a good thing Rachel Zoe had already been happily married to Rodger Berman for five years when he used that nerve-wracking lead-in on her 30th birthday. Afterwards, as Rachel told Harper's Bazaar, she found something that excited her way more than a teeny robin's egg blue Tiffany's box: a giant orange one wrapped in brown ribbon. She knew immediately that it housed an Hermès Birkin bag.

With prices starting at $9,000, that present's certainly more expensive than most fine jewelry people ever own, and as a handbag instead of a more common milestone birthday present—a watch, maybe—it might seem frivolous. But it also makes sense for someone so fashion-obsessed, so we get it.

Our pipe dream presents are also wardrobe staples, which, if a little less well-known than the Birkin, share the same classic appeal. (We think Rachel would like them all—perhaps Rodger should take note: Rachel's birthday #41 comes around in just two weeks.)

With that shoulder detail and deep color, it's way prettier than the Inspector Gadget classic.

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