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Shop It: Raia Makes Simple, Stylized Statement Jewelry

I have a feeling that if I gave Sofia Coppola, Rooney Mara or Leelee Sobieski free rein to pick a statement necklace, they'd each have something in common: they wouldn't choose one of those super-trendy versions, those love children of friendship bracelet kits and BeDazzlers.

Instead, they'd probably each opt for something more organic, like a piece from Julia Gelfgatt's new line, Raia. Crafted from materials like ceramic, wood and leather, the jewelry's quiet palette balances its aggressive geometry and scale. So it's statement jewelry, yah—but in a different way. Instead of a cacophony of colors, textures, rhinestones and studs, its a focused testimony to the power of of line and shape.

Or that's how I think those girls—Sofia, Rooney, Leelee—would describe it, at least. I'm a little less eloquent and intellectual, so I'd probably just say it looks cool, and would pair really, really nicely with something off-kilter and subversive, like a draped Rick Owens leather jacket, a printed Marni pencil skirt or an asymmetric Helmut Lang t-shirt, perhaps. (Or just something simple like a little white dress, since, really, that jewelry can carry an outfit on its own.)

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