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Rent the Runway Introduces Retail Rewards

Excuse us for briefly slipping into infomercial mode, but have you ever rented or borrowed an awesome dress/jewelry/whatever for a big event, fell in love with the look, and want to own it forever?

(Cue the ghost of Billy Mays....)

Well, that's EXACTLY why Rent the Runway—the site that let's you rent the season's prettiest runway dresses for a fraction of their retail price—has just launched its new Retail Rewards program, in which you can earn credits toward future rentals simply for falling in love with your last one.

Here's how it works: if you become (understandably) obsessed with a dress you've recently rented and wind up purchasing any piece from that same label—from any store or website—all you need to do is alert RTR's team by showing them your receipt. You'll then get a $20 credit toward any future rental on their site. Think if it as their little way of thanking you for discovering new designers. Click here to get started.

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