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Ryan Lochte: Olympic Swimmer Turned...Fashion Designer?

Ryan Lochte, five-time London Olympic medalist, full-time dreamboat and one of our 100 Most Stylish Athletes, has said in numerous interviews that he'd love to explore a secondary career in fashion design. And while we're not quite sure how many people took his comments seriously—the guy tried to wear a diamond-studded American flag grill while accepting his gold medal, after all—it sounds like he might actually be in talks to launch his own label after all.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who recently spoke with Ryan's agent Erika Wright, the star swimmer has been receiving offers (yes, plural) to create his own clothing line. We're guessing he'll kick things off, so to speak, with a lineup of sparkling sneakers akin to the bright green, crystal-covered pair he designed with Speedo. He's also a big fan of "man jewelry," and we wouldn't be surprised if he chose to put his stamp on some blinged-out bracelets and diamond-encrusted pendants. Plus, he's already got his own signature "Reezy Jeah!" sunglasses, which you can pre-order here for a very reasonable $14.99 should you so desire.

Given his experience in designing, er, interesting accessories, we could totally see Ryan dip his toes even further into the fashion design pool. He's already planning to move to Los Angeles post-Olympics, which should make the transition easier. And should he choose to accept one of the many reality TV show offers being pitched to him, that could serve as a perfect platform to introduce his line. Rachel and Brad, watch your backs...

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Ryan's pimped-out kicks.

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