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SLT Yoga: Not Your Traditional Yoga Class

Even though the classes are challenging, beginners (like myself) are welcome at SLT Yoga, New York’s first music-focused yoga studio. My yoga skills are so low level and embarrassing that I prayed not to be recognized in the class, which is tough to do when your hair is bright pink. The classes do push you pretty hard, but the instructors make sure that’s it’s easy to follow along. Or, you can do what I do, and be sure to get a spot in the back of the room so that you can follow the person in front of you.

A session at SLT is perfect for non-yogi’s like myself, because there’s no forced chanting or awkward mid-class guitar solos. It’s music that you’d want to listen to any time and the vibe is more akin to a workout class than a spiritual journey. Not that there’s anything wrong with spiritual journeys, if that’s your journey.

Amanda Freeman, found and CEO of SLT Yoga has the right idea. "SLT's philosophy is that we should be doing workouts that will get us closest to the body we want most," she says. "And we believe most people want a body that is long, lean and toned. The workouts we offer are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone, not bulk the body. Whether it's Yoga Flow, Shred or the Megaformer class, all classes are designed with those results in mind. We believe that music is an important part of working out. We like it fun, loud and eclectic."

See you in the back of the room!

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