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School Supplies for the One Percent

As a kid, my idea of reckless school supply shopping was sneaking a few Lisa Frank folders and Gelly Roll glitter pens in with the requisitely oppressive No. 2 pencils, plastic protractors and floppy reams of binder paper.

But now some fashion designers (Lanvin, Margiela, Louis Vutiton) and home goods experts are churning out dictionaries, pencils and notebooks way more eye-catching and expensive than anything I could've found in the aisles of Staples. It's kind of like Gwyneth GOOP-ified the whole genre, and it's awesome—or at least hilarious—but either way, it definitely, definitely makes my past scented eraser splurges look tame.

Just think of the things I could've been asking for instead: whether glossy ($300 silver staplers) or gimmicky (pencils printed with the names '90s sitcom characters), these new school supplies are totally unnecessary—which is, of course, exactly what makes them so necessary. (Or, maybe, just fun to look at.)

The Miranda Priestly version of a Five-Star notebook.

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