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The Miranda Priestly version of a Five-Star notebook.

For the woman who buys $8 juices: an almond-oil gluestick.

To match your orange Birkin bookbag, of course.

I'd be selective when sharing them.

There are 1,000 staples included, so it's basically a steal.

Doubles as Thomas Crown-inspired decor.

It almost makes Moleskines seem grungey.

Just a matter of time until Blue Ivy is snapped carrying one of these.

The inevitable doubletakes might be the best part.

If the Real Housewives came out with desk supplies instead of nine million different clothing lines, they'd look like this.

Not expensive, but so unnecessary they're a luxury.

Never dog ear a page again.

And you don't even get a full 12-inches.

Emily Post would approve.

When regular Crayola won't do.

If you never considered office supplies coffee table decor, think again.

If Madewell made pens, they'd look like this. And have striped or leopard print erasers, probably.

Treat your pencils like fine jewelry. (Gwyneth would.)

Indulge your Downton Abbey obsession.

Let's be real: highlighting was always more of a fun thing than a learning exercise anyway.

How to outdo the girl with the latest model MacBook.

I'd bet Kanye has a drawer full of these.