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Shop It Out: Grimes' 'Genesis' Video

What do you get when you mix neon-pink cornrows, flaming swords, a slithering snake and one of the best tracks from Grimes' album Visions? Her trippy new video, of course! The clip for her latest single "Genesis" might have one of the most nebulous plots—or lack thereof—of any music video we've seen recently, but we love it nonetheless.

Over the course of the five-and-a-half-minute mini-film, we see the Canadian singer taking on L.A. in full Cher Horowitz mode—that is, if Cher had a predilection for reptiles. At the same time, a girl wearing some pretty extreme eye makeup whips her braided ponytail back and forth while dressed in a skin-baring suit of armor. There's also a fair amount of weaponry on display here, from the aforementioned sword-on-fire to a terrifying-looking chain mace. Directed by Grimes herself, the clip's a lot to take in—but we totally love it—especially from a style standpoint.

Watch the video below, then shop our "Genesis"-inspired picks in the slideshow.

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