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Like the Shopbop Redesign Itself, This Promotional Video Is Kinda Awesome

When Shopbop unveiled its redesign earlier this week, I gawked—in a good way. Bleaching out the signature orange header and blowing up those already-sizeable images, the new Shopbop layout is clean, powerful and sophisticated. It's also more dynamic: on each product page, a smiling model greets you, spinning around in that pleated Thakoon dress or showing off the flow of those '70s-style Rachel Zoe pants like she's your giddy BFF posing in a department store dressing room.

In contrast to last week's Shopbop, which tucked the video feature away in a row of images, the immediate in-your-face movement's a little arresting; you can't help but pay attention. And that's great. Unlike those sites that only feature a teeny product image shot on a poorly-lit mannequin, you can see the way things move and the heftiness of their fabric, which means you're way less likely to order a so-called "mustard" top that arrives at your doorstep in neon yellow, or an opaque silk blouse that turns out to be shockingly sheer (I know, I've done it). Much like Shopbop's guaranteed delivery dates—many leading shopping sites offer only a vague window—the new barrage of information is comforting in its transparency and trustworthiness. (As the New York Times pointed out, even glossy Net-a-Porter doesn't boast product images and videos this big.)

The site's redesign, though, goes even deeper. Adding editorial meat to the e-commerce bones, Shopbop's enlisted its Fashion Director, Treena Lombardo, to cook up weekly features on topics from "smart investments" to "currently coveting" to a simple "top five favorites," and columns from other fashion industry insiders are also on the way. They'll also be adding an Angry Birds-style video game and promotional videos like the one we've sampled below, starring pink-haired Chris Benz and a neon-vested postal worker. Highlighting the company's precise, reliable shipping, it paints Chris as being best friends with the delivery guy, and it's funny.


Watch a teaser below, then head over to Shopbop.com to check out the new site (which, in its own dangerous-to-your-wallet way, is also super-fun.)

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