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Summer Packing Guide: Dallas

Whenever I tell people that I'm from Texas, I get a typical barrage of questions: do I live on a farm? Is my preferred mode of transportation a horse instead of a car? Do I know George W. Bush? Was I the one who shot J.R. in the season finale of Dallas back in 1980?

Just for the record, the answer is "no" to all of the above. Dallas is actually a really cosmopolitan city—while it's not as hip as Austin, the city has a great art and music scene, fantastic restaurants and some of the best shopping in the country. If you think life in the Big D is anything like the feathered hair and joutfits on the soap Dallas, switch your DVR to shows like Most Eligible Dallas and GCB for a more accurate look at life here (i.e. we shop A LOT).

I left Texas for New York after graduating high school, but I go back to Dallas whenever I get the chance. Growing up, I didn't like that it was warm all year round (I know, what was wrong with me?) and just wanted some snow, but after experiencing several East Coast winters, I kind of love the blistering hot southern summers. I am going home in mid-August for a few days and I am already mentally planning what I'll wear. Click through to see what's on my must-have list and get shopping, y'all.

Everything is bigger in Texas, but everything is also flashier in Dallas. Big, bright baubles are the norm.

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