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Suno's Sneakers Get Some Fashion-Savvy Ambassadors

Last December, Suno launched an adorable line of sneakers to match its print-happy ready-to-wear. We happen to think designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty were pretty ahead of their time—because almost a full calendar year later, fashion-forward takes on the classic athletic lace-ups are everywhere.

So it's fitting that for the second range of Suno sneaks, which will hit stores next summer, the brand's upping its game even further. Suno tapped a variety of high-profile ambassadors—Caroline Issa, Pamela Love, Hannah Bronfman, Elettra Wiedemann, Natalie Joos, Susie Bubble and more—to test-drive the comfy patterned kicks during their recent travels. Click over to the just-relaunched Sunony.com to see each of the ambassadors' photos, and check out the slideshow below for our favorite snapshots from the DIY-style campaign.

P.S. A portion of the profits from each pair of Suno sneakers sold will benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a sanctuary in Kenya (where the collection is produced) that protects endangered baby elephants and rhinos. Is that not the cutest cause you've ever heard of?!

Susie Bubble

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