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Grand Slam: Tennis-Inspired Fashion

As much as I enjoyed the sartorial awesomeness of the BeDazzle'd leotards and Fruit Loop-colored eyeshadow at the Olympics, I'm really happy that it's finally U.S. Open time again. (Yes, I know tennis is in the Olympics, but who can truly pay attention to the game while scoring Kate Middleton's attempts at plebeian sports fan outfits and steeling their tear ducts against those saccharine athlete biographies? Not me.)

Now I can finally focus on tennis—and what the players are wearing for the tennis. Maria Sharapova always looks amazing, of course, but I think even if you don't have Maria's general aesthetic (Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, but stretched to 6'2) the sport's standard-issue attire makes you look good. Tennis gear's flattering and cool, and I play the sport partially (or mostly) to wear it.

All of it, too: whether traditional white polos and pleated skirts or the new wave of colorblocked, mesh-paneled dresses, I don't discriminate. I love the both tennis looks equally—enough so, in fact, that I wear that stuff off the court as well.

Below, shop my favorites from both sides of the tennis-inspired fashion court. From classic, country club Band of Outsiders-y stuff to the cyborg-slash-athlete Alexander Wang-esque garb, it's all kinds of awesome. (To really ace the looks, we'd suggest adding just one thing: a high ponytail straight out of a '90s Versace ad. Or, you know, Arthur Ashe stadium.)

If Serena Williams stepped into a scene from Sabrina.

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