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50 Books for the Fashion-Obsessed

I'm lucky: my living room's stacked with glossy coffee table books. But they're mostly refugees from the giveaway table at work, strange titles from obscure publishing houses that are tightly honed on things like fabric making in Peru or celebrity mugshots from the '50s.

Their titles are weird, but still, I feel like my stash of them sorta make me look like an adult, the kind who stocks her apartment with $60 ceramic candles, farmer's market hydrangeas, and yes, nice books.

If I could change those books' contents and covers, though, I would—and I'd pick the fashion-focused ones below, which span niche to broad subjects and swing from glossy photo tomes to information-laden paperbacks. Some cost more than my coffee table, some less than my typical Starbucks order, but they all have one thing in common: I want to read them, not just look at them. And I'm pretty sure that's the point of a book, anyway.

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