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Dior's packaging is always fun to look at, but they've outdone themselves with this camouflage palette.

I wash all of my delicates in this lovely floral scented fabric detergent.

YSL lipsticks are creamy, they smell nice and the logo matches the color of the lipstick. Each tube is color coordinated. I appreciate that kind of attention to detail.

The square lipstick tubes from Tom Ford always remind me of '60s glamor—like something Julianne Moore's character in A Single Man would put on while sitting at her vanity.
I love a blue bottle of anything—it really mixes things up on my shelf. This lotion does more than sit on the shelf looking pretty—it exfoliates
Ortigia products are known for their wild packaging and wildly appealing scents.
We've recommended this toner many times, not only because of the cool gold on blue color combo.
Definitely get this 04 Petrana unisex fragrance by Odin—it comes in a candle too!
Everything Nars does is simple, but so sleek.
It looks as luxurious as it feels: Treat yourself to this scrub after a long day and thank us later.
DUH! All of Chanel's packaging is perfect and makes us feel instantly better—even before we use the product.
Darphin's serums come in practically every color of the rainbow, but we particularly love this violet-colored anti-aging one.
Tell me you wouldn't want to display this on your mantle? Cire Trudon makes one fancy candle and each smell is like nothing you've ever sniffed before.
The Comme des Garcons 'Play' heart is just too adorable and he (she?) smells good, too.
Everything Anna Sui turns out is playful and imaginative, so it's no surprise that her signature fragrance is in one of our all-time favorite bottles.
Aesop's balms and lotions have been a go-to for some time now, and it's not just because they come in what looks to be a tube of paint—so cool.
When I see these signature yellow bottles in my hotel bathroom I always get psyched for my next shower.
This body oil smells as pretty as the flowers drawn on the bottle.
A nice floral illustration to go along with this skin-awakening jasmine and sea salt scrub.

A throwback to everyone's first favorite package, this nail polish set is disguised as a box of Crayons.

They look like multi-colored candies, but each pearl does its part to give you the perfect glow.