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Tia Mowry's Favorite Things From Lucky's September Issue

During the mid-nineties, my television was constantly tuned to the now-defunct WB. Which means I culled a ton of style inspiration from twins Tia and Tamera Mowry on the sitcom Sister, Sister (it aired on the channel from 1995-1999). Bucket hats, floral-printed everything, and denim-on-denim—a denim vest paired with overalls, obviously—filled my closet.

These days, the Mowry twins are back on my radar, not only because of their new projects (they currently star in the Style Network's reality show, Tia & Tamera), but also because they've come a long way since their days of matching outfits. Now the duo favors red carpet gowns in complementary colors, and sleek shifts above overall dresses.

To show off her modern style sense, we asked Tia to sticker her favorite items in Lucky's September issue with us. Click through to see all of her picks below, and catch Tia & Tamera Mondays at 8/7 Central on Style.


Tia Mowry

Courtesy of Diana King

Styled by Zoe Costello


Leather Riding Boots, Pg. 70

"I love the authenticity of these boots. They look like real riding boots, but chic at the same time."


Polka Dot Pumps, Pg. 128

"I love these so much. I went out and bought myself a pair of polka dot pumps when I saw these! Polka dots are such a fabulous accessory."


Liquid Eye Liner, Pg. 174

"I'm really into the Sophia Loren cat eye look. It's natural, yet sexy at the same time. I've been wearing the look a lot and I love it."


Beaded Velvet Clutch, Pg. 100

"I love anything that sparkles and I love vintage pieces. This has a great vintage look to it."


Suede Wedges, Pg. 209

"I love a great wedge. Wedges are versatile. You can rock them with a dress, shorts, jeans...the list goes on and on. These are fire hot!"


Red Blazer, Pg. 210

"I love it when a blazer is tailored to a woman's body. I love the masculine quality a tuxedo cut blazer gives, but when it is tailored properly to fit a woman, it is so feminine. That's what makes it so chic."


Saddle Bag, Pg. 213

"For some reason, I am really into these bags right now. I love the color of this bag. It is the perfect accessory for any ensemble."


Tasseled Booties, Pg. 154

"I love this ankle boot because it looks comfortable, chic, and stylish at the same time. I love rocking these with shorts or dresses."


Cashmere Sweater, Pg. 137

"You can never go wrong with cashmere. It's comfortable, warm, cozy, and luxurious. I could wear it to bed! Cashmere is something I always have in my fall wardrobe."

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