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Tommy Lee’s Beloved Face Mask Is Now Mine

The tattooed Mötley Crüe rocker has never been much of a beauty icon, but I weirdly agree with him on something: this GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask. Apparently Tommy is “in love with it.” Though I can’t really imagine any genuinely edgy bad boy kicking back with a face full of green clay.

The universe’s twisted corollary to Murphy’s Law dictates that whenever you must appear flawless, your flaws will become amplified exponentially. This mask is for those dreaded moments. Applying the messy mixture of volcanic pumice rock, French sea clay, and green tea flecks isn’t exactly the easiest process—think more scooping and spackling than slathering and smoothing—but it has serious silkifying abilities. Immediately I noticed that satisfying “it’s working” tingle. The mask hardens to an ashy green, leaving your face completely frozen. Your mouth can’t open; you might as well have paper mâche-ed your face. Soldier on for 10 more minutes. Then, with just a splash of water, the mighty mask dissolves into grains.

I never thought such radiant ridiculously soft skin could exist on my face. That same friend who yesterday exclaimed “You look so tired,” (“um, thanks.”) today wondered if I had gotten a new haircut or something to explain this new luminosity. My weird brow furrow crease had vanished, and my forehead gleamed like I had downed all those liters of water the beauty experts tell you to.

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