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Watch: Chanel's Trippy Haute Couture Video

Usually when a major fashion brand releases a promotional film, it's either sleepy or slick enough to lull me into a daze (models skipping through a meadow in grainy black & white, seamstresses laboring over a dress to the tune of classical piano). But not Chanel's newest video: it sorta bothers me—in a good way.

With fuzzy, halo-ed lighting, stop-motion flashes and throat-clearing bass, director Trevor Undi's interpretation of Chanel's most recent couture show demands attention. It's kind of like a strobe light, and logically so—the subject's Chanel couture, after all, something that shouldn't absorbed sleepily.

Watch below to see what we mean. (Disclaimer: if you have seizures, they'll at least be very stylish ones, pulsing with cap toe booties and blush pink tweed.)


CHANEL Haute Couture Film - Automne / Hiver 2012/13 from Trevor Undi on Vimeo.

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