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Welcome Companions Makes Surrealist Accessories That Aren't What They Seem

Harriet the Spy served as the catalyst for my espionage phase in fourth grade. I started carrying around my own notebook (for chronicling classmates' activities), eating tomato sandwiches (okay, only once, 'cause they're kind of gross) and using short range walkie talkies with my neighborhood friends (essentially useless but very cool looking).

I also began to collect hollowed out books made for hiding things in. These were filled them with all sorts of childhood treasures—polished stones, pretty shoe laces, fancy stationery.

As an adult, I'm not all that different from my nine year old self—I still spend all day writing and people-watching on the sly. And I still love cleverly made objects that aren't quite what they seem. Which is why I'm obsessed with Welcome Companions' accessories line.

Each piece requires closer inspection: There's a handbag disguised as a debonair bowler and an elegant silk glove that is really a coin purse. Seemingly ordinary cardboard boxes are actually crafted from leather. Wallets are hidden as airmail envelopes. The look is super surreal but the items are as functional as my hidden compartment hardcovers. Only this time, I'll be stashing Tom Ford lipsticks and shiny Chanel nail polish inside.

The Welcome Companions collection is available on the brand's website and at select specialty boutiques. Visit Welcomecompanions.com for more information and click through the slideshow below to shop the products online.