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Which Dress Is Better: Tibi vs. Stella McCartney

No other styling trick works quite like an optical illusion.

Take these black-and-white figure-enhancing looks from Stella McCartney and Tibi. It doesn't matter, really, how precisely the dresses fit: with that strategic colorblocking, they make it easy to instantly fake an hourglass figure.

For that reason my tailor would hate them, since they'd render his services about as necessary as a space heater in August. I, on the other hand, love their transformative effect.

Still, I'm not sure which dress I'd be willing to pay for: the Stella McCartney version, on the left, or the Tibi version, on the right.

There's something a little more refined about Stella's creamier color, longer hem and streamlined shape, like it'd be easier to wear to work than Tibi's more cocktail-friendly style.

However, I do love a peplum, always and unequivocably. And, if I bought the Tibi version, I could buy all the stuff in the slideshow below for the price of the Stella McCartney dress—and still have $13 left over for a punchy fuschia lipstick to pair with it. Which would you choose?

Stella McCartney's dress: $795

Tibi's dress, plus all of this: $781.89

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