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Elegant Crop Tops

Diluted by knee-length hems and fancy fabrics, the crop top's finally going mainstream. Click through to shop the look.


Showing a slice of skin above your belly button instead of below is sexy and sitting-down-friendly.

Drop Waists
It's not just a costume-y '20s thing anymore: from tulle party dresses to leather skirts to suits, the drop waist is a now thing. Click through to shop the look.

Megan from Mad Men would be so jealous. (But so would everyone else. This dress is awesome.)

Sculpted Sweatshirts
This season, they're more bright and structural than the workout-y ones of last year—all the same comfort, but a little more polish. Click through to shop the look.
Bonus: that intricate neckline means you don't have to bother accessorizing. Just toss it on with a printed pencil skirt and go.
Evening Flats
Flats aren't exactly novel, but you know what is? Marc Jacobs, Naeem Khan and Victoria "I even wear heels to the airport" Beckham devoting their shows to the comfortable show. Click through to shop the look.

Not only do they look awesome with a cocktail dress, they cost less than designer stilettos and last way longer.

Looks like we weren't the only ones reading 50 Shades of Grey this summer. Click through to shop the look.

Subtly nods to the harness influence but doesn't bow to it, so you can actually wear it to work.

Sheer Hems
Like those crop tops, they show skin in a sneaky, non-traditional way. Click through to shop the look.

Dress it down by tossing a cable knit sweater on top.

Baseball Caps
We think it's backlash to the blowout craze. Click through to shop the look.
We're gonna tip toe into it with a solid color cap.
Striped Pants
Everyone loves a good breton stripe shirt, but right now, we're all about stripes on bottom instead. (And so are Marc, Michael and J.Crew.) Click through to shop the look.
Play up the mod element with cat eye sunglasses and a bold lip, but then keep everything else super simple.
Bright Leather
Branch out from dark motorcycle leathers into bright ones: in a way, they're even more badass. Click through to shop the look.
The best thing to pair with all those silk buttondowns.
Railroad Stripes
Osh Kosh B'Gosh grew up, and we love it. Click through to shop the look.
Add some aviators, a thick knit sweater and an oversize menswear watch.