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When Lana Del Rey's twin tigers can't come out to play, she just slips on these heels instead.

A reptilian skin looks almost romantic, thanks to those pink tones.

The perfect finishing touch for any mixed media ensemble.
The skinny T-strap adds edge to that mermaid-inspired colorway.
We're fairly certain Balenci-fan Kristen Stewart will be wearing this pair shortly.
Plum perfect.
Spotted: the perfect pair of statement pumps.
Tapestry for your toes? Why not?!
A stingray sandal might seem more suited for spring, but paired with black tights, these'll take you straight through autumn.
So wonderfully Tron.
That sculptural vamp adds interest to a versatile nude sandal.
Amber Waves from Boogie Nights would kill for these, no?

Like candy dots for your feet.

Hugh Hefner, eat your heart out.
There's no better way to make a sandal fall-ready than with a suede finish and autumnal colorway.
They're fins for your feet—and they're a heck of a lot cuter than flippers.

Pointy toes are back in a big way.

Until we can actually afford these beauties, we'll settle for swapping out all our boring black shoelaces for lilac ones.

The tassels and suede panels are slightly '70s, but the sleek silhouette is anything but.

The arty way to do a Mary Jane pump.
Here's a bow-tied present we wouldn't mind unwrapping.

Asian art inspiration was everywhere for fall, and these sandals are perhaps the finest incarnation of the trend we've seen.

Regular cowboy boots? Nay. This stiletto-heeled, stunning iteration? Definite yay.

Snakeskin and shimmering stones? Perhaps a shoe can have it all.

These floral beauties belong in a museum—and, yes, on our feet. Like, right now.
We're gonna have the Moulin Rouge soundtrack stuck in our head for the rest of the day. Not that we're complaining, of course.
Polka-dotted perfection.
"You've shown me your white swan, Nina—now I need to see the black!"
...Ah, yes. There it is.

Not your average platform, folks.

We're all about that heel.
Groovy, baby.
Dove grey softens up some serious studs.

Hardware's never looked so hypnotic.

Mr. Mondrian would approve.
Strapping, indeed.
A witchy shoe gone good with nice-girl polka dots.

Play up that stunningly sculptural shape with a sleek pencil skirt.

Tangerine + bordeaux = sangria in footwear form.

Normally, the embellishment would stay above-sole. But Miuccia doesn't play by the rules.

With that chunky cobalt heel, a dramatic exit is unavoidable.

Those skinny straps add a little off-kilter appeal to snakeskin boots.

Practically made for Lisbeth Salander.

Keeping that snow-white sole clean won't be fun, but come on—these are so worth it.

Your move, Dorothy.
Scarf prints are major news—so why not wear 'em on your shoes, too?
Just the sort of thing Lady Gaga might wear for Casual Friday.
"Sexy pilgrim pump" doesn't have to be an oxymoron.
Cute as a button.

Perhaps the most eye-catching flats we've ever seen.