50 Unique Engagement Rings

White diamonds and platinum settings not your thing? Click through to shop 50 out-of-the-box engagement rings instead.

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Lots of people waffle on what their ideal engagement ring would look like: Asscher cut, white gold band, yellow gold band, cushion cut...maybe some pavé if things get crazy. But since they usually stick within the center-set, transparent diamond template, those people probably wouldn't want one of the rings above, which play outside those traditional parameters.

We'd proudly wear at least seven of them to the altar, but even if you wouldn't want a single one as an engagement ring, you can't deny how fun they are to look at, thanks to their colored stones, creative bands and surprising settings. (Or, you can, but only after clicking through all 50 slides and sending us an email detailing why none of them amused you at all. Go for it.)


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