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Roughly 73 percent of the girls I know use NARS' Orgasm. But G-Spot also has a flush-inducing title, and with its slightly deeper, rosy tone, it's a better fall standby than that sunset-y Orgasm.

I find it kinda hard to transition from my homespun summer scents (plastic tubes of sunscreen, lime chapstick, Moroccan oil) back to musky, manufactured perfume when the weather changes. That's why I love these Kiehl's fragrances: they have a clean, airiness about them, as if they were hung out on a clothesline to dry.

Switching to a deeper lip color in the darker months isn't all that novel, I know. But if you're gonna do it, I say embrace a luxurious lipstick like these Guerlain ones my mom loves. It's got a Creamsicle texture and a built-in mirror, which is awesome for cab ride and mid-meal application, and all those times you wonder if you have kale stuck in your teeth.


Everyone freaks out about skin getting more sun in summer but no one really pays attention to what happens when it suddenly gets less in fall—or what to do about it. This serum is like a SAD light for your face, reviving your pores with a shot of the Vitamin D you're not getting now that it's September. Even my most expensive bronzer can't do that.


I just discovered this, so truthfully I'd put it on any seasonal beauty guide following its entrance into my life, but I figured you had to know about it. It makes little dots that look so much more natural than the jenky, uneven, wandering line I normally attempt. It's like bowling with bumpers on. Go buy it.


Most girls I know are diligent with the SPF but don't think twice about their protecting their hair from the elements. That's where this comes in: it repairs all the chlorine and sun damage from summer, and it smells like bananas. Yum.


If you haven't gotten on the BB bandwagon, now is the time to buy the moisturizer-SPF-tinted-amazing-hybrid of a product (actually, last winter was the time, but whatever). That iconic Clinique mint green packaging should help ease your venture into the unknown.


I'm all about a DIY manicure that's just as eye-catching as it is easy, and this polish yields nail art-quality tips while requiring absolutely no crafty skills. I'd say it's one of the more decent excuses to stay in watching ABC Family on a cold weekday night, clutching a remote in one hand and the polish in the other.