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Abigail Spencer at J. Mendel Spring 2013: Her Favorite Look, Plus Why She Shops the High Street

Designer Gilles Mendel's collection for J. Mendel was packed with red carpet-ready gowns in shades of pale rose, plum, sherbet orange and mint. Our favorites were sheer and pleated, with their floor-length skirts slit up to the thigh (paging @AngiesRightLeg) and bunches of organza flowers gathered at the waist. But in addition to all that formalwear, there were also a handful of great, ultra-feminine day dresses. The best of which were cut from fur or covered in Gilles' purple abstract floral print.

If there's one group of girls who appreciate the power of sharp, sexy daytime dressing, it's the female cast of Mad Men. And appropriately enough, the show's Elisabeth Moss and Abigail Spencer were both seated in the front row. We chatted with Abigail for a few minutes about her NYFW experience and favorite places to shop.

Lucky: What did you think of Gilles' show just now? Did you have a favorite look?

Abigail Spencer: I really, really liked the entire purple movement. The off-the-shoulder look with the poetic sleeves? I really liked that one. The whole progression of color from green to purple to orange to hot pink—I thought that was really beautiful.

Is this your first show of the week?

Yes! And I'm going to Marchesa later today. I'm a huge fan of both Gilles and the Marchesa girls, so I'm very excited.

Have you worn J. Mendel before today?

No, this is my first! My first Gilles dress! I'm loving purple right now, but I like how this look has a little grey in it, too—I love the neutral tones. But wait...I like what you're wearing.

Oh, my dress? It's ASOS.

Don't you love ASOS? I'm telling you: Topshop, ASOS, Madewell. Those are my top three. Because for your everyday life, you just need great, affordable clothing.

Yeah—it's nice to wear pieces you don't have to be too precious with.

But you know what? With this dress, I feel like I could throw on my Rag & Bone boots and a little leather jacket and be done.

Definitely. Also, I just have to say—as a huge Party Down fan, I absolutely loved that web series you did with Ken Marino, Burning Love. So freaking funny.

Oh my gosh, yeah! Thank you! Apparently over 10 million people have watched it—I can't walk through an airport now without people going, "Oh my god, you're Annie from Burning Love!" It's so funny, and I'm so thrilled I got to do it. I think we're gonna do a couple more seasons...that's the word on the street.

Check out Abigail's—and our—favorite looks from J. Mendel's collection below. And if you haven't hopped on the Burning Love train yet (shame on you!), get started by clicking here. Warning: it's highly addictive.

Photos: Getty Images (above), WWD/Robert Mitra (below)

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