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At Rachel Antonoff, Models Played Badminton and Ate Cake

This season's Rachel Antonoff presentation was a feast for both the eyes and the mouth. As we entered the elaborate set through twin latticework gates flanked by topiaries in the shape of elephants, we spied models trimming shrubbery, carving hearts into trees and facing off in a game of badminton. There were striped separates, saddle shoes (part of Rachel's ongoing collaboration with Bass, of course) and "I'm With Her"-scrawled sweatshirts. And in keeping with the country club vibe, many girls finished their looks with sporty visors.

Just around the bend, we found models munching on a tiered cake covered in dark green fondant and topped with two bride figurines (guess we know who Rachel's voting for this November). And after finding their way to the end of the maze, guests including Hailee Steinfeld and GIRLS' Lena Dunham were treated to a picnic spread of sandwiches and lemonade.

After snapping some photos, we chatted up the designer herself to get the scoop on her spring inspiration.

Lucky: You always pull out all the stops when it comes to set design. What inspired this season's setup? Was it something within the collection itself?

Rachel Antonoff: I was originally inspired by the Eames film Powers of Ten, and I really loved the idea of doing a print that was an aerial view of something. So it turned into the Powers of Ten print, which is actually an aerial view of Versailles. And then the landscape embellishment, just visually, made me think of a maze. And I just wanted to imagine that we were all inside this Powers of Ten print!

That's very Inception-esque. Did you have a muse in mind this season?

The girl is a mix of Brenda Patimkin from [novelist Philip Roth's] Goodbye, Columbus and Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics. A country club girl who's not afraid to break the rules. She's, like, sneaking booze in…

Sophisticated yet sassy. I noticed that all your models—and you, too—have this amazing nail art scribbled with colorful signatures. What's that about?

CND is amazing—they come up with the most genius things. But that design is a huge part of our collaboration with Bass this season. I'm really excited about how the shoes and clothes are married this time around. This print with the names, we're it calling the Yearbook print, and seemed like a natural fit for the nails too. The Garden print also worked for the nails. The shoes are honestly my favorite ones we've done yet.

Lastly, I have to ask—are you a Betty or a Veronica?

In looks, I'd hope to be a Veronica. But in mind, probably neither. They're kind of the worst, right? That said, I wish I had the boobs of either one of them.

Click through for our snapshots of the collection (plus that aforementioned cake).


Tennis, anyone?


Or is badminton more your speed?


Behold, Rachel's Powers of Ten print.


Yearbook nails!


"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just tending to this topiary."


No trees were harmed in the making of this presentation.


Just a sliver, please.

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