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Back-to-School Goodies for Grown Ups

This past weekend, I reminisced with my brother about how, as kids, we dreaded Labor Day weekend. Full of tell-tale signs that school was coming, it usually included a trip to Staples to pick up supplies, a cruelly sweet barbecue on Monday evening, a last trip to the pool and of course, a frantic summer reading catch-up.

Luckily, now that I'm an adult, and presumably you are as well, we don't have to suffer—at least in the same way. Work never lets out, so we never feel that end-of-summer ache! But just because we aren't returning to the halls of our alma maters doesn't mean we can't look like it.

Olympia Le-Tan Clutch

Books! They aren't just for reading, they're for storing those smelly erasers, pencils and whatnot.