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Olympia Le-Tan Clutch
Books! They aren't just for reading, they're for storing those smelly erasers, pencils and whatnot.
Adidas x Stella McCartney Backpack

Backpacks are always a sound purchase, and they happen to be "having a moment." Perfect for your gym gear, your books, your spontaneous trips to the Appalachian Trail or maybe even night class?

Warby Parker Glasses
I may or may not wear glasses when I need people to think I'm smart. Not saying I'm unintelligent, but a pair of Warby Parkers makes a lot of difference. Plus, you can't beat the price and the cause. You'll be at the top of the class—or wherever else you need to be—in no time.
Converse Sneakers
Do you remember when you'd go on vacation and get something cool? Maybe it was a shark tooth necklace (probably not Givenchy) or a Cape May, NJ sweatshirt. Whatever it was, it came with a "I went on vacation" story. Well, with these Brazilian Converse, you can just fake it 'til you make it. Not into Brazil? Don't worry, they come in plenty of other country colors.
Great Gatsby Clutch

I'm fairly certain The Great Gatsby is required reading in all high schools in the country. [Editor's note: It's not, but it should be!] For those of us who have enjoyed it again and again, it now comes in clutch form, thanks to those crazy kids at Kate Spade New York. After you've finished your required reading, you can build your library with other classic lit clutches.

Jack Spade Backpack
Yah, it's made for guys, but we firmly believe that backpacks are unisex and this is 2012 after all. Stuff it with bloody mary mix, some tumblers and a bottle of your favorite vodka and you'll be all set for an afternoon on the quad, er, in the park. You might get arrested for public lewdness, but your bag will look awesome.