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Busy Philipps On Home Decor, Michelle Williams Being 'A Peanut' and Courteney Cox's Style

I've always thought actress Busy Philipps would be a fun shopping companion. In my girl crush fantasy, she convinces me to try on some outlandish sequined thing I'd never pick out myself. We gossip about Katie Holmes while deciding between a pair of chunky heels and stilettos. During lunch, there's too much wine. Credits cards get maxed out at Chanel.

In reality, however, the actress would steer me away from luxury super stores and we'd spend all day at the flea market. As a decorating enthusiast, she spends most of her free time searching for vintage furniture, dishware and art. This passion is something she shares with her Cougar Town co-star, Courteney Cox. In fact, the two have collectively amassed so many treasures that they are parting with a few favorites on homegoods site One Kings Lane.

From now until Sunday, select pieces from Busy and Courteney's houses are up for grabs, along with with their favorite picks from One King's Lane's incredible inventory. There's an eclectic mix of products, like colorful ceramic vases and a framed lithograph of Barbie. And most things are actually pretty affordable. Save for a few very extravagant items, (I'm looking at you $7,499 antique ceremonial Chinese bed!), most of the prices run between $45 and $400. And you can feel really great about your purchase for another reason, too. Proceeds from the event will benefit a The Art of Elysium, a charity for young children battling serious medical conditions.

Yesterday, as she prepared for the listings to go live, I chatted a bit with Busy about her interest in home decor and why this partnership is so important to her. Of course, I couldn't help slipping in a few questions about her personal style (you know, in case we ever DO go on that shopping trip...) and BFF—the girl crush of our entire office—Michelle Williams. Keep reading to see what she had to say and visit Onekingslane.com to shop the sale now.

What initially sparked your interest in home decor and how would you describe your decorating style?
Well, I am a Cancer, so my shell is very important to me. I’ve always believed in surrounding yourself with comfortable beautiful environment, especially if you’re somebody who works hard and who spends a lot of time away from home. If you’re out on location a lot—you know, shooting a television show requires a lot of time out of your home—you want the time in your home to be extra restful and peaceful. And you want it to be everything that makes you feel relaxed. I’ve always enjoyed vintage pieces. I like going to flea markets, I like going to antique shops. I like finding rare pieces that add something to my room.

Tell me a little bit about your fashion style—what are your favorite brands? Where do you like to shop?
Much like my home style, I like to mix and match, high with low, vintage with new. I’m not above a great Topshop or ASOS find, but, at the same time, I’m loving Suno right now. I love all the mix of the prints and patterns together.

I love J.Crew like for everyday basics and I love Madewell for basics, too. I just love them. Suno, Rebecca Minkoff and I’m obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 show that I watched online, as did my daughter. Again, like real bright patterns. I’m not afraid of making a statement!

If they weren't labeled, how would be able to tell which of the up-for-auction pieces came from your house and which came from Courteney's?
Courteney is definitely more sleek and modern in her style and her dressing. It’s so funny—we’ll come to work in the morning and I’ll be wearing a vintage dress and like, platform shoes. And she’s wearing like black jeans and an adorable Rag & Bone button down shirt and her little flats. And I’m always like “You look so cute!” and she’s always like “You look so cute!” Our styles are just so disparate and very different.

I know you are BFF with Michelle Williams, who has become something of a style icon. Has she influenced the way you dress? Do you ever raid her closet and if so, what have you borrowed?
I don’t know if this clear when you see us together but she is a peanut and I am a giant human, so no, we don’t share clothes. Although it is like the bummer of my existence. I did get this amazing package when she moved into a new house and she was like "I can’t have all these handbags!" It was like, Proenza Schuler and Jimmy Choo and all the handbags she was giving away, which was awesome.

I love the way she looks always. We have such different bodies and such different looks, you know? It’s rare there’s like a crossover piece—although, it has happened! I was telling Sophie Buhai, who’s one half of Vena Cava, that one of the only dresses that Michelle and I both own is a Vena Cava dress. But you know, Vena Cava is like the brand that merges Brooklyn and California, which I guess is what you have to do with Michelle and me.

You've portrayed a lot of characters with very distinct sense of style on TV. Which ones have impacted you sense of style the most and how? And which ones had the best wardrobes?
I’ve never played someone who I’m obsessed with their wardrobe. The truth is, the wardrobe that we do on Cougar Town is a real collaboration between me and our wardrobe department. In fact, last summer I went to Topshop in New York and went on like a spending spree buying Laurie’s clothes. This year I went out with the buyer and did a similar thing in Los Angeles. I LOVE, LOVE Laurie’s costumes, but it is rare that there is something I will find something that I will want to wear from her wardrobe. It’s a character choice.

Why is your One Kings Lane Charity Sale so important to you?
I’m so excited to be able to partner with Courteney to support a charity that we both feel very strongly about, on a website that I feel very strongly about because I shop on it all the time—One Kings Lane—so it’s kind of thrilling that I’ll get the daily email and maybe my picture will be on the email that day.

Photo: Fairchild Archive

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