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Charlotte Olympia Weaves a Collaborative Web With Olympia Le-Tan

Olympia Le-Tan's gorgeous embroidered book clutches, which have been carried by everyone from Michelle Williams to Natalie Portman, are at the tippy-top of our personal shopping wish list. And for her newest project, the literary-minded handbag designer has teamed up with another Olympia—Charlotte Olympia, she of the kooky-cool platform pump—on a limited-edition capsule inspired by the children's classic Charlotte's Web.

Le-Tan's clutch bears a stitched-up rendition of Garth Williams' original cover for E.B. White's book, while Olympia's pump is scrawled with a few of smart spider Charlotte A. Cavatica's favorite words. The collaborative capsule will be available starting tomorrow at Charlotte Olympia's London and NYC boutiques—and we think it's both terrific and radiant.

Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Olympia

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