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Cher Horowitz + Matthew Crawley = A Can't-Miss Vampire Flick

We really, really love Clueless. We're also mad about Downton Abbey. So when we heard that Dan Stevens (aka the dashing Matthew Crawley) and Alicia Silverstone would be fanging—er, facing—off in Clueless writer/director Amy Heckerling's new bloodsucker comedy Vamps, we got absolutely giddy. Throw in a cameo from Wallace Shawn (yep, Mr. Hall himself) and a leading role by the always-hilarious Krysten Ritter, and we have no doubt that this flick will be loads funnier than Twilight.

Check out the movie's trailer below, which we found over at InStyle. It features big hair, razor-sharp teeth and some majorly smoky eyeliner—and thankfully, Dan Stevens gets to keep his dreamy British accent (who knew the entire Van Helsing family came from London Town?). Vamps' limited release date is set for November 2.

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