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Chloé Spells Out its Heritage With 'The Alphabet'

Back in the 1950s, when Gaby Aghion launched the house of Chloé, she'd assign each of her ready-to-wear collections a letter: Collection "A," Collection "B" and so on. Now, Chloé's bringing back the tradition in honor of its 60th anniversary and the opening of its Chloé.ATTITUDES exhibit, which opens this Saturday at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Each letter in Chloé's online feature 'The Alphabet' represents a theme from the label's overall history and heritage. So far, five letters are live—C, H, L, O and E, appropriately. Representing Counter-Culture, Horses, Light, O (roundness) and Embroidery respectively, each letter's page includes sketches, imagery and video, as well as historical tidbits.

Additional letters and themes will be released in the days to come—and once the entire alphabet is live, you'll even be able to send friends a Chloé-fied anagram of their names. Explore Chloé's 'The Alphabet' at Chloe.com/alphabet—and below, check out the video for letter H—"Horses"—our personal favorite, for obvious reasons.

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