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Chris Benz for All

With Chris Benz Spring 2013 came plenty of good news for fans of the designer's magpie creations.

For one, he's bringing the price of his collection down significantly. A dress, for instance, will run you about $495, whereas in the past it might have been $1,200. Seriously exciting.

Benz lowered his costs with a just a few neat tricks—more affordable linings, less embellishments. Fortunately, the collection—which juxtaposes "garish and grotesque graphics" with "really pretty graphics"—feels as special as ever. I particularly liked an orange and green hexagon print featured throughout the presentation in the form of pants, shorts, shoes and a topcoat. The delicate yellow lace skirt suit was pretty damn good, too. "We're all obsessed with the zombie apocalypse stories—bath salts and all that stuff," he said of how Spring 2013 came to be. "I like taking that macabre element and adding something pretty to it."

Another thing sure to get fashion girls going: his line of pretty-in-pastel bags designed for the Cambridge Satchel Company. "Lemme show you something else," Benz said, pulling me over to one of the models. "I made them do a snap so you don't have to deal with that cumbersome buckle."

That Chris Benz—always thinking of his girl. 

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