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Christina Aguilera's Best Beauty Moments

Our October cover star Christina Aguilera may have one of the most remarkable voices of our generation—but she's just as well known for her chameleon-like beauty transformations as for those golden pipes. From her early days as a teen sensation with a penchant for pink miniskirts and glossy lips to her infamous "Dirrty" phase to her later Old Hollywood-inspired makeover, Xtina's test-driven more looks than anyone in the biz—save for Madonna, perhaps.

Click through the gallery for our timeline of the singer's best and most buzzworthy transformations from over the years. Which look is your favorite?

August 2012

But wait—lately, Christina's showed up in lilac-streaked hair, plus that smoky eye and dramatic tan. Could we be seeing a return to her "Dirrty" look? Stay tuned...

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