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August 1999
When Christina first burst onto the scene with her pop anthem "Genie In a Bottle," she favored dewy skin, sparkling eye makeup and glossy lips.
November 2000
It was only a matter of time, however, until everyone's favorite good girl went a slightly naughtier route. Here's Christina in a lace-up bustier, crimped (and chain-laced!) hair, and broze skin.
February 2001
Christina tried tawny eyes and a neutral gloss lip the following year...good for letting those crazy pastel-colored cornrows take center stage.
April 2001
Perhaps testing how many beauty risks her golden voice would allow her, Christina appeared in a bleached-blonde 'fro, slashed velvet dress, blackberry-stained lips and a smoky eye at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Well, we were entertained...
June 2001
"Lady Marmalade" is, in our humble opinion, one of the best covers ever recorded—and it basically demanded that Christina show up in attire and makeup to complement its more-is-more message. Check out those jewel-studded lashes and lids.
February 2002
Trading pink-dyed curls for a shorter, wavy style framed with layered necklaces, Christina debuted a simpler look at the Grammy Awards.
August 2002
Christina went "Dirrty"—very—with black hair extensions, red-rimmed eyes and skimpy attire. Who could forget her infamous scarf-as-top?
April 2003
In a slicked-back, jet-black ponytail and bold red lip, Xtina proved she was not, in fact, too "dirrty" to clean her act up.
February 2004
Christina seemed to draw inspiration for her Grammys look from Marlene Dietrich, wearing lots of purple and penciling in her brows.
August 2004
We loved Christina's look at the 2004 MTV VMAs. The singer paired her silver beaded flapper dress with an eye-popping red lip and manicure. We're even digging that faux beauty mark.
February 2005
The singer debuted a softer, very pretty look at the Oscars, with upswept hair and a bubblegum-pink lip.
August 2006
Our favorite look of Christina's to date, the songstress went for full-on 1920s glamour at the VMAs. From the Marcel Wave to the Old Hollywood makeup, it's all so good.
September 2007
Dressed in Valentino, then-pregnant Christina looked lovely with her sleek, side-parted updo and scarlet lips at the Emmys.
November 2008
Several years before Rooney Mara made them popular, Christina showed off abbreviated, blunt-cut bangs at the American Music Awards.
January 2010
In a bold move (something new and different for her!), Christina lopped off her long hair into this very chic bob for the Golden Globe Awards. Rosy makeup and a blush Versace gown finished it off.
June 2010
The star went all rockabilly on us for the MTV Movie Awards. Nice pompadour, girl.
March 2011
Last year, NBC tapped Christina to be a judge on The Voice, which has since become one of the top-rated reality series on TV. For her new role, Christina returned to her roots—literally—and brought back her signature long blonde waves and red lip.
August 2012
But wait—lately, Christina's showed up in lilac-streaked hair, plus that smoky eye and dramatic tan. Could we be seeing a return to her "Dirrty" look? Stay tuned...