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Coco Rocha on 'Big Sister' Heidi Klum and the Designers She Truly Admires

Project Runway designers both present and past, plus a crowd of celeb groupies, were on hand last night at Lord & Taylor to celebrate the first-ever Project Runway Collection. Season 7 contestant Christopher Palu's distressed ruffle design was featured alongside creations by designers from earlier seasons, including Nick Verros, Mondo Guerra, Bert Keeter, Uli Herzner, Korto Momolu, Jay McCarroll, Gordana Gelhausen, Seth Aaron Henderson and Season Four fan fave Chris March.

(By the way, here's March's plug to buy his dress over the others: "My dress is really comfortable and it's elegant and casual at the same time. You can wear it with or without the organza coat that it comes with, and it has an intersting high-low hem. And it's versatile...you can wear it on the red carpet or wear it to bed.")

But the stunner who really got our attention on the runway—sorry, red carpet—was the ever-diplomatic pose-off champion, model and soon-to-be model competition host Coco Rocha, looking hawt (and tall) in zip-detail leather capris and peep-toe platforms.

Lucky: So, what brings you out for the party tonight?

Coco Rocha: Of course, Project Runway brings us here tonight—and also Heidi [Klum] being a very sweet big sister. I had to come and support the team. They're very kind and generous, so I had to come out.

Any predictions as to who will win Project Runway this season?

Everyone has their own taste.They all have their own concept and they all think they deserve to win. I always look at how it's made more so than the concept. If someone can tailor something themselves—some designers can't do that themselves—they can draw a beautiful piece. But if they can, in fact, make that, cut it and perfect it, then that's an awesome and well-deserved win.

So which established designers out there do you think meet that criteria?

It's hard. I think great designers...like, McQueen was an amazing designer. I think of Zac Posen. He always knows how to make a woman beautiful. He won't ever get that wrong. Gaultier and his way of being so creative. He's made many memorable moments on the runway. Everyone has their own little niche, but I think for these sort of shows, if you can actually produce and make it and fabricate it, you're on your way.

So out of all the Project Runway contestants—not necessarily winners—from any season, which one would you like to dress you for the red carpet?

I can't say that! First of all, I'm horrible with names. Let's see...I'm not sure. I have to figure that out. That's a hard question. Sorry about that.

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Photo courtesy of Lord & Taylor.