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NYFW Spring 2013: Day Five Wrap-Up

Everything we heard and saw today that probably doesn't warrant its own story, but you'll still find awfully interesting:

  • Overheard while in line to get into a presentation: Dry Bar has NO appointments left for the rest of the week until 9:15 PM Friday. (!!) Predicting a sudden surge in plan B hairstyles on editors, buyers and bloggers: more bedhead, Moroccan oil looks and plastic-y Aquanet-ed top knots.—Natalie
  • Free Magnum ice cream and jello shots served in lemon and lime rinds at Alice + Olivia. (Which, although very pretty, I did not partake in. I'm already delirious enough today...hahaha.) —Alison
  • Dresses at Karen Walker were printed with outer space cartoons a la Harold and the Purple Crayon. Totally made me want little boy footie pajamas, and one of those dresses. And to listen to the Space Jam soundtrack---that shiz was good. —Natalie
  • Wes Gordon has better hair than Justin Bieber. It's almost distracting. Also, he showed 30 looks instead of 26 like last season and 23 like the one before. Obviously his brand is growing, but I'm glad that literally means more clothes, too. While lots of editors are running around in velvets, metallics and other baroque, Henry VIII-inspired things this week, Wes' stuff looks luxe in that quiet Nina Ricci way. (Which I love, and will totally drop lots of money on when I quit fashion to make tons of cash. Which will be never. Sigh.) —Natalie
  • While leaving Karen Walker, a group of us were pushed to the side as a security officer flew past us, almost getting himself run over by a backing-up truck as he did so. Turns out some old dude scooped up an entire armful of Karen's famously good gift bags, stuffed them in a duffle and attempted to smuggle them out of the venue. NYFW theft: not in for spring. —Elana
  • Ricky Martin at Marc Jacobs. Remember when he was on General Hospital? That is all. —Lauren

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