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Designers to Watch

These 10 New York designers might not be household names, but they sure are ones to watch. We've got the down-low on how they got started, upcoming projects and—because we can't resist—we asked some invasive questions about their personal lives. Happy NYFW!

Rachel Antonoff


Rachel Antonoff makes pretty, frilly clothes—and Bass shoes!—that we all want to wear. Hot tip: she recently went blonde, which we think was a ballsy, brilliant move.

Lucky: How'd you start makin' this shiz?

RA: I had a line before this with a partner. We were roommates and had all these ideas for dresses we wished we had and decided to see them through. We ended up going our separate ways and I started Rachel Antonoff in Spring 2009. 

What did you do prior to being a designer?

I was a freelance writer. I wrote for Nylon and Teen Vogue. Occasionally I still write for Lula.

What's your favorite part about your job?

Daydreaming up the clothes and then seeing them become real. Sometimes it feels like magic.

What do you do when you're not designing clothing?

I am involved in most aspects of the business so there is a ton of work to be done separate from design when I'm not working. 

What's your idea of personal style?

Confidence and comfort. I don't care how amazing a pair of shoes are, if it's obvious someone is sacrificing comfort for fashion, it's just not attractive.   

Who is your favorite designer?

I love so many. Miu Miu, Peter Jensen, Rachel Comey.

Who is the designer you'd most like to collaborate with?

Lizzie Fortunato, Jansport, RAY SIEGEL

Who is your favorite rapper?

I really like Chiddy Bang right now, does that count? Will always love Biggie. Kind of love Fabolous.

What's your advice for designers who are just starting out?

Try not to think too much and just do. Insecurity and overthinking will keep you from getting shit done. 

What's next for Rachel Antonoff?

Stuff!! Working hard on the Spring 2013 show and working on a project with my brother that I'm really excited about.  

Will you marry me?

In a New York minute.

Who is your favorite seashell?