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Edward Norton Was at Osklen's Spring 2013 Show!

Pretty much everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I'm semi-obsessed with Oscar nominee Edward Norton—who should totally be an Oscar winner at this point, but that's another story.

Back in my NYU days, I used to watch Fight Club on loop in lieu of studying for finals and writing papers. Same with 1996's Primal Fear, Edward's first movie—and each time I watched it, I wished I could forget that amazing twist ending (seriously, guys, Netflix it) and have my mind blown once again. I watched him sing and dance (yes, really) in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You—and for a while, I could recite much of the actor's famous, searing monologue from Spike Lee's crime drama 25th Hour. My Ed Norton adoration eventually spawned a Chuck Palahniuk phase, leading me to read each and every one of the Fight Club author's controversial novels. And at the height of my (healthy!) obsession, I used to deliberately walk past the West Village gastropub The Spotted Pig on my way to class each day—simply because Edward was known to frequent the spot (or so said Gawker).

When NYFW rolled around this season, I was hoping for a run-in with Ryan Lochte—or, better yet, with his brainy and beautiful teammate Nathan Adrian. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect for EDWARD FREAKIN' NORTON to wind up at the Lincoln Center tents—and at yesterday's Osklen show, that's exactly what happened. And I didn't even realize it until halfway through the show, despite the fact that I was seated directly across the runway from him.

Apparently, Ed's friends with the Brazilian label's designer, Oskar Metsavaht. And since the actor's well-known for his environmental activism, it makes sense that he'd support Osklen's dedication to using eco-fabrics and sustainable materials. At any rate, he certainly watched the show far more intently than most A-list (or B- or C-list) attendees usually do. Way to support the clothes, Ed!

As for the collection itself, titled "Endless Summer," it was a salute to all things beachy. Tunics, straight skirts and shells were crafted from surf-ready white neoprene, while brightly-hued and clingy turtleneck dresses recalled scuba-wear. We loved the abundant digital prints of beaches, seascapes and sunsets, which covered everything from sheer organza tops and structured cigarette pants to cool architectural capes. And special mention should be given to the footwear—models wore pointy-toed flats and thin-strapped, mid-heeled sandals in shades of peach, deep green and yellow. They were made from salmon skin, which in addition to having a lovely texture is also environmentally-friendly (it's an oft-tossed byproduct of the fishing industry).

But for me, obviously, the collection itself—lovely as it was—played second fiddle to the presence of one of my favorite actors in the front row. Suddenly, the fact that I didn't bump into Nathan Adrian this week seems kind of okay.

Photos: @elanafishman's Instagram (above), WWD/Thomas Iannaccone (below)

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