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Emporio Armani Opening Brings Out Ryan Lochte, Paris Hilton, the Brant Brothers and Lots of Models

Bold names covering a spectrum of celebrity gleefully attended the packed opening of the Emporio Armani flagship on Madison Avenue Friday night. The party people included handsome singer/Broadway actor Ricky Martin (looking quite chiseled), the fabulous Anna Della Russo in a glorious gold-encrusted cut-out mini-dress, paired with Venice Ball-esque sunnies, and Carine Roitfeld looking impossibly chic in face-obscuring shades. 

Making his rounds through Fashion Week, man-of-the-hour Ryan Lochte also dropped by on the early side to christen the store and maybe score some pointers for his own upcoming menswear label (our speculation). But the Olympian and new Prince Harry-party bud wasn't the only fashion aficionado in attendance.

Notorious teenage fashion-meets-finance princelings, the Brant Brothers—the genetically and asset portfolio-blessed offspring of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and financier Peter Brant—were in attendance. I caught the younger bro Harry by the bar (presumably seeking a virgin beverage). As he asked me where I bought my beaded silk vintage jacket, I found myself swapping vintage shopping tips with the 15-year old (btw, he only goes to New York Vintage.)

"I don’t like a lot of the contemporary things for men," the Armani-clad Brant explained. "So with the vintage things, even if they’re for women, I can really go more crazy and creative and I love the accessories and I just love to play with it."

He and 18-year old brother Peter Brant II are often found in the fashion (and gossip) pages, plus their mom has some pretty major sartorial cred. So does he get style tips and advice from the fam?

"I try to do it myself and then I’ll ask people for opinions but no one in my family," Harry told me. "Yes, because I just, I feel like there’s always a little bit of a motive. Like Peter will be like, 'ah, you won’t look in that standing next to me' or 'he’ll look better than me'. Yeah. We’re very competitive. You have to keep it that way."

Despite being each other's wingmen at fashion and society bashes, the two won't be swapping clothes anytime soon, but it's not due to brotherly refusal to share.

"He’s much bigger," Harry said and then quickly corrected, "He’s not fat, but he’s much more muscular. He’s HUGE."

The Brants weren't the only fashion-obsessed heirs on the scene. The recently-MIA Paris Hilton is making her comeback to the fashion and gossip pages with lots of appearances during New York Fashion Week. The gossip page favorite sauntered into the party with friend Cory Kennedy and Purple mag's Olivier Zahm and slowly made her way upstairs with admirers (and a couple writers seeking quotes) trailing behind her.

So where has she been and why is she back?

"I’ve been in Europe for the past five months just traveling back and forth," Paris purred. "Ibiza, St. Tropez, finishing my album. It’s good to be back in the States with my sister. Just enjoying a sisters trip."

Album, interesting. And if you're wondering what she picked up while raiding the boutiques on the Continent, the heiress-entrepreneur still has a taste for luxury.

"So many beautiful pieces," the blonde explained, "YSL, Chanel, Dior, always love shopping in Europe."

We're excited the tall, willowy socialite is back on the scene (she's always fun) and she'll be causing flash bulb frenzies at lots of shows this week including, Alice + Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg, Betsey Johnson and the Blondes. Looks like the time abroad really refreshed Paris as she looked amazing in a simple blue and white ikat body-con mini-dress. So striking, in fact, that a party goer behind got excited that Blake Lively walked into the party. What does the sometime-actress think of that mistaken identity?

"That’s a compliment," Paris said with a polite smile. "I think she’s beautiful."

Speaking of beautiful, appropriately there were countless of catwalkers sprinkled throughout the sleek dual-level boutique. Thank goodness platform heels were invented. Despite my six-inch heigh boost, I still found myself craning my neck to speak to the very beautiful model/Angela by John Hardy jewelry designer/TV host/actress/eco-activist Angela Lindvall, who has a festive attitude on how to spend her Fashion Week.

"Honestly to do what fashion is meant to be: Have fun," Lindvall said. Of course her itinerary for fun might be on a different level than most of ours.

"I’m going to some events, I’m running into old friends," Angela explained. "I’m walkng in only one show, which is Zac Posen. He’s a dear old friend and he’s doing this show that’s about old Hollywood classics, and he really makes clothes for women, which I appreciate. And tomorrow night we’re going to the screening of the Diane..Diane…Vernan? What's her name?"

Me: "Diana Vreeland."

"Vreeland, right," she corrected. "Which is going to be really glamorous at the Met and after, we’ll go to Carine Roitfeld’s magazine launch which I look forward to. I’m very proud and admire her I think she’s the world’s sexiest grandmother."

With such a fabulously posh evening planned, obviously the former model will be wearing something equally as spectactular.

"Tomorrow night, I’m wearing quite a a gown," she excitedly said. "A Pucci, almost-mirrored houndstooth dress—to the floor."

But the mother-of-two isn't that high maintenance—she won't be making one of those designer quick changes in the back of the limo between appearances or anything.

"No, there’s no time," she stated.

Ah, well, at least we have something in common with a supermodel multi-hyphenate this Fashion Week.

Check out the stars on the red carpet in the slideshow below:


Anna Dello Russo freshly fashion-showered.


Les frères Brant: Peter II on the left and Harry on the right.


Stephen Gan and a not-really incognito Carine Roitfeld.


How you doin', Ricky Martin? Lookin' good.


Angela Lindvall looking very posh.


Okay, how about one more Ryan Lochte shot to close out the show. #Jeah.