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Marissa, Style Cusp

Marissa, the blogger behind Style Cusp, hails from the wonderful world of Connecticut and is always ready with a good (and healthy!) recipe to pair with her timeless New England style. Not to mention, she's an original part of Blogger's Night Out, a huge event that pretty much every blogger attends.

Greta, FashionMeGreen
Greta has been blogging about the greener side of fashion for quite some time. Before launching "Fashion Me Green," she wrote about eco-friendly finds on Greta Guide. Now, she's a virtually unstoppable powerhouse, always keeping us on top of green trends. Plus, she's like, super nice.
Alexandra, She is Red
With long, flowing hair like the girl from Disney's Brave and a gorgeous site layout, we're head over heels for Alexandra from She is Red. What will you find there? Florals, food and "everything that sparkles." She'll be at FABB in full-force tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that gorgeous hair.
Teri, Sartorial Girl

We first met Teri on Twitter. Like any internet relationship, Twitter lead to @replies and then to full-on blog love. She has an attitude we adore and an undying appreciation for pants (we tweet about pants a lot). We're stoked she's coming to join us tomorrow so we can finally take this relationship to the IRL level.

Katie, Modern Eve

Katie from "Modern Eve" is one of our favorite bloggers from the great state of Texas. She's recently taken her site from blog to full-on communications company, offering all kinds of services. This progression is exactly why we love her. She thinks big. You go, Katie.

Tara, The Wonder Girl

If you're going to name your blog "The Wonder Girl" you better live up to the title. Well, we've met Tara, and she like, totally lives up to the title. She practically invented flower crowns and has some the most charming style around. Also, she seems to always be up for champagne, which we love.