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Famous Fashion Editor Illustrations, Pregnant Models on the Catwalk and More From Around the Web

Extremely detailed illustrations—complete with helpful captions!—of 12 famous fashion editors you should know. [Refinery29]

What happens when you combine Kate Lanphear's style with Kate Bosworth's? Really, really good things. [The Cut]

H&M and Anna Dello Russo are (fashion!) showering one lucky person with freebies from the Vogue Nippon editor's new accessory collection. To enter, just submit images of all your "extravagant, fun and decedent moments" through Instagram using the hashtag #AdRMoreisMore. [H&M/Facebook]

A very witty and overall pretty good review of Proenza Schouler's new(ish) Madison Avenue store. The general gist: crazy high prices aside, the sales people are nice, the atmosphere unpretentious and the clothing reminiscent of Star Trek in a cool, timeless way. [NYT]

Over the last few years, an increasing amount of models have taken to the catwalk pregnant—and it's only becoming more common. Most recently in Milan, one women bursting with child did a show in nothing but her bikini. What do you think about this trend—yay or nay? [Grazia]

image via Refinery29

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