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Five Minutes with Giuliana Rancic

When we met with entertainment goddess Giuliana Rancic to discuss her first clothing line, G by Giuliana Rancic, she was glowing—and with good reason. After years of infertility and a public struggle with breast cancer last year, the E! News host is not only healthy, but recently welcomed her first son, Edward Duke, into the world.

“Being a mom is the best kind of job in the world,” she gushed before we touched on her new collection—which is actually pretty gush-worthy itself.

Priced from $29.90 to $129.90, the range is available in sizes XS-3X, and includes all sorts of fall essentials, from faux leather jackets and skinny jeans to silk blouses. As she walked us through the pieces, the newbie designer shared why she decided to launch this line, her biggest inspirations and how she's balancing work with motherhood.

Lucky: Who are your favorite designers? Anything you love to wear on E!?

Giuliana Rancic: I wear so many because I'm on E! News every night and Fashion Police every week. My stylist Monica Rose, who also styles the Kardashians, dresses me every night. We need seven outfits per week, so I wear everything from H&M to Stella McCartney. I was on the Today Show the other day and at the last minute, I walked into Forever 21, bought something and wore that shirt on the show.

What is the one tip you always keep in mind when shopping?

I tend to buy items I can wear season after season. Then I'll do one or two pieces that are just fun.

Why did you decide to design a collection with HSN?

I've been at E! for 10 years, which is kind of wild—but I never really felt ready. And I didn't think I could do a line any justice… like, what do I know? But now, 10 years is a long time to be at the forefront of fashion. I'll go next week and interview Cameron Diaz for a movie and say to her, “Oh wow, where did you get that?” “Oh, Stella.” And right there, I've seen something nobody else has seen… but something we will all see a year from now. So I thought, "I should do something with all of that." It finally felt like the right time.

What did you have in mind when designing the line?

I wanted to give women pieces they can't get anywhere else. That's what's great about HSN, they allow you to do that. They give us so much freedom so our line doesn't look like everyone else's.

Finally, what has surprised you most about being a mom?

I didn't realize how much I would embrace being a mom. I questioned whether I would be a good mom because I'm a career girl—can women really have it all? I shocked myself with how much I love being a mom… and I'm kind of good at it.

Check out Giuliana's collection here on HSN.com. And mark your calendars; she'll be back on the air with more of her line on November 9 and 10, and will launch a spring collection next year.

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