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Gwyneth's 40 Best Outfits In Honor of Her 40th Birthday

If it weren't all over the internet that Gwyneth Paltrow turns 40 today, I wouldn't believe it. When I stalked her through a bakery line in New York City a few months ago—pretending to stare at the carrot muffins instead of her pores—I semi-audibly freaked out over her skin and general young-looking-ness.  In Tracy Anderson workout gear and plain ChapStick, she looked sorta like my prettiest college friend. When she was in college.

But the woman doesn't look just young, she looks good, and that part isn't so much how she takes care of herself but how she dresses. In an impeccably sharp wardrobe full of crisp white dresses, sleek leather pants and tailored blazers, Gwyneth always, always looks fresh. So we've rounded up our favorite Gwyneth looks through the years. (There are 40 of them, to remind you she really is 40. Really.)

Gwyneth's not much of a cleavage girl, so when she chooses something sexy, it tends to be more surprising and artful (like this backless Prada dress).

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