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Gwyneth's not much of a cleavage girl, so when she chooses something sexy, it tends to be more surprising and artful (like this backless Prada dress).
In Emilio Pucci, Gwyneth makes a compelling case for the sophisticated crop top.
I absolutely LOVE when Gwyneth indulges the "I'm married to a rock star" side of her life.
If any designer/actress tag team can pull off a putting a cape on the Oscars red carpet, it's Tom Ford & Gwyneth Paltrow.
Stella McCartney's not only one of Gwyneth's best friends, she's also one of her favorite designers (and with good reason: Gwyneth looks amazing in those classic, body-skimming designs).
She can even make a white pantsuit (albeit a super-chic Chanel one) look like a natural, everyday choice.
When Gwyneth wears something body-skimming, like this corseted Zac Posen gown, she picks a neutral, soft color to balance it out.
If I found a trench coat like this one, I'd buy it in faster than I can say "Apple."
I'm not sure Gwyneth's ever met a white or metallic white or silver gown she didn't like.
This is Gwyneth leaving the gym. The GYM.
Gwyneth doesn't wear much makeup, so when she does, it makes her outfits (like this simple Antonio Berardi lace gown) look a little darker and poutier.
She also knows how to balance out a very Hollywood, glamorous gown with a sleek hairdo instead of big blown out hair.
Bucking the fashion "rules" (which are ridiculous, anyway), Gwyneth loves combining navy and black.
She's always known how to draw attention to those legs—like with an asymmetrical hem—without looking too flashy.
Gwyneth's like a magical denim unicorn. She just make jeans look so much fancier than everyone else does.
She's one of the few who could pull off a white button up on the red carpet without it looking costume-y.
This Stella McCartney halter is by far the raciest dress Gwyneth's worn lately. And it is great.
She's so good at those shoe pairings.
In beach hair, sandals and a printed dress, she looks totally summer-appropriate here.
I blame her for my collection of fishmerman sweaters, which I can never seem to style as polished and prettily as she does.
Drapey and full-skirted, this Lanvin dress doesn't really align with Gwyneth's usual taste, and yet she still looks amazing.
Maj-or. The woman should really wear more orange.
In all-black and a below-the-knee hem, she was one of the more elegant pregnant A-listers.
This one's all about the shoes. They're perfect.
Again, she busts out the dark eye makeup to give her pink cocktail dress a little bit of grit.
Sort of obsessed with that slight flare in her leather pants.
Gwyneth's never really been one for patterns, but when she wears a color, she really, really goes for it, like with this Rachel Roy dress.
It's not that easy to make shorts look elegant, but Gwyneth's pretty good at it.
I want to wear this on a dinner date, too.
In head-to-toe monochromatic, she pushes hot pink into cool, conversation-starting territory.
I love the way she keeps accessories simple when wearing such an eye-catching dress.
Likewise, Gwyneth's really good at breaking out a double-take-inciting accessory when she keeps her clothes simple. Like these shoes.
Love it or hate it, people are still talking about it.
Even before she started highlighting her hair, Gwyneth had really, really good simple style.
She's also made me seriously consider spending way too much money on a fancy jumpsuit like this one.
I mean, obviously this Ralph Lauren princess gown had to make the list.
My theory is that Gwyneth may be responsible for the leather shorts trend.
Embracing her British side in a houndstooth dress.
With a printed top and tights, Gwyneth makes her leather miniskirt more casual and daytime-appropriate.
The Gwyneth Paltrow effect: women who can wear something incredibly racy and still look more high fashion than hooker-y.