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Hairdresser-Speak: I Love It!

Backstage at Donna Karan, above the din of rushing-about makeup artists and blasting blow dryers, Eugene  Souleiman (Wella’s global creative director and, um, one of the most genius hairstylists on the planet) gave me the most elaborate, oxymoronic, beautifully rambling description of the look he’d created: a wispy, tossed-together bun à la Charlotte Ronson.

Souleiman took a deep breath and launched into his soliloquy:

“It’s the modern updo! It’s an un-ballerina, ballerina bun—it’s real and organic and sharp and floaty and elegant…you know, it’s sort of deliberate yet haphazard. We make the hair spiky on top and then lightly brush it back to create soft, matte texture with Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray. The shape is romantic—but broken…”

Like a sommelier rhapsodizing over his best picks, Souleiman , with his vivid contradictions and French accent and wild gesticulations, just makes what he does that much more glamorous.

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