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"Get healthy-looking, glossy color in just 10 minutes with Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color by L'Oreal.  This ammonia-free, semi-permanent color will blend away any grays and gradually shampoos out with no sign of any visible roots."

"Keep your brunette from fading by using a color-enhancing shampoo like L'Oreal Artec Blue Orchid or Artec Coco Bean."

Check your local salon for Artec products.

"You can also keep your color rich and shiny by using color-enhancing glosses, which are at-home versions of the salon glossing process."

"If your color feels too dark you can try stripping out some dye with a clarifying shampoo, or in extreme cases try a liquid detergent like Dawn.  Always be sure to follow any clarifying treatment with a deep conditioning masque.

Neutralize brassy tones in dark brunettes by doing a color rinse with grape Kool-Aid.

Coffee rinses are good for removing unwanted red tones from medium brown shades."