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Katie Holmes and Michelle Obama Have the Same Beauty Secret

It is all-American makeup guru Bobbi Brown! Michelle (and Barack) famously get both touch-ups and business-leader advice from Brown; now, superchic supermom Holmes is the new "face" of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. It could not be a more perfect partnership—the fresh, natural gorgeousness of Holmes is just very…Bobbi. My personal, entirely unsubstantiated theory on how the two came together is that they met on the slopes of Telluride, where both have long had houses. The glamour!

More glamour: Bobbi is the lead makeup artist for the Holmes & Yang fashion show next Wednesday. How fantastic would it be if Michelle came to the show? I think my head would explode in total heroine worship. Heroine Chic! (how unoriginal, I know, but how apt.)

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