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Katy Perry Got a Daria Manicure!

Earlier this week, Katy Perry tweeted a photo of her new nail art, along with the following caption: "It doesn't get any better than hand painted DARIA nails by the girls at ES Nails TOKYO!" Indeed, the famously fashion-forward pop star had gotten the entire cast of the '90s cult hit MTV series on her fingertips—check out the Japanese salon's handiwork (ha!) at left.

This marks the second time we've spotted famous folks (cartoon or otherwise) immortalized in mani form—remember Rad Nails' Ryan Gosling wraps?—and now, we're tempted to try the trend on our own tips. But which cast would we choose as our subject?

Lauren says she'd want the world of He-Man and She-Ra, while Natalie would opt for either the graphic symbols from Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple or Twilight's cast of vampires (complete with glittering faces, obviously). Sarah's all about painting on the Spice Girls, while Alison would get the animated gang from Doug. As for me, I'd pick the Downton Abbey crew—with the upstairs cast on one hand, the downstairs help on the other and the Dowager Countess holding court on my thumb, of course.

Photo via @katyperry

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