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Kendall Jenner Loves YSL and Spencer from PLL

Last week I went to one fashion show where both an Olympic athlete (soccer star Alex Morgan) and a Kardashian relation (Kendall Jenner) walked the runway instead of sitting in the front row. Mirroring the clothes in the newest Just Dance video game, designer Michael Kuluva's collection was full of sparkles, rainbows and tufts of tulle. Like the game, it was fun—and so was sitting down with 16-year-old model, reality star and skilled Just Dance-r Kendall Jenner afterwards.

"I've gotten pretty good at dancing and walking and running in heels," Kendall said of her YSL stilettos. "People are very surprised at the heels that I wear." (Me included—the girl is legitimately six feet tall). "But I love them! I love YSL; I love Christian Louboutin. My favorite pair of shoes are by him."

As for clothes, Kendall loves the casual, easy labels (LaRok, Mason) found—where else—at Dash, her older sisters' store. ""I just literally this morning went shopping at Dash, and I haven't been to Dash in forever. And I bought SO much stuff. I was stupid and bought some summer-y things even though it's sorta fall out now," she laughed. (It's okay. We're still transitioning into fall, too.)

Beyond her new haul from Dash and stilettos more dramatic than most E! shows, Kendall has another obsession: Pretty Little Liars. "[My sister] Kylie and two of our friends do this thing where we assign ourselves characters from the movies and shows we like," said Kendall. When it comes to PLL, Kendall says she'd "totally be Spencer."

But if that's really true, we think Kendall might want to add some Spencer-y high-heeled loafers in the mix with those Hannah-like stilettos. (Not only would they keep her pushing six-foot-four, they'd be way, way better for interactive, dancing video games. And just walking in general, we think.)

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